TASTE OF INDIA Opportunities For Everyone

Butter chicken

TASTE OF INDIA Opportunities For Everyone

Ask anyone about Indian traditional food and the butter chicken is one of the few dishes they immediately remember. Although the food comes in many different versions, the traditional taste of India preparation is that the chicken marinated overnight in a mixture of yogurt and Ginger, ginger, garlic, and peat and then fried in a tandoor.

Butter chicken, which deemed rendered during most special occasions such as weddings and relatives, is extremely popular in northern India. One of the popular Indian Tandoori roti, roomali roti and naan pieces of bread.

Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji famous dish in Mumbai every evening at the little restaurants and roadside stalls. The vendor of the stall stands in front of the restaurant with an enormous cast-iron pot where different vegetables stuffed with mixtures.

He serves the bhaji with bread rolling, which drowned in butter. Another famous snack meal, Pav Bhaji is one of the best street foods available in India. Many international travelers visiting India known to give the taste buds a wonderful kick.

Pani puri

TASTE OF INDIA Opportunities For Everyone

Pani puri, one of the most popular street eats on India’s north, gol gappa in the west and puchka in Bengal.

This street snack is best eaten with only one large bowl, a small, pounded puree and spices and darkened in sour-spicy tamarind juice.

Ask every Indian and from his infancy, he will share a joyful nostalgic story of how he enjoyed the snacks on the streets. A very popular road food, Pani puri triggers nostalgia in most parts of the country, which makes everyone in this country loved.


TASTE OF INDIA Opportunities For Everyone

Each time you rejoice in India, from marriages and celebration to family lunches to a relaxed evening at home, a giant plate of fresh samosas served.

A samosa can be taken anywhere and in any case, with a fried snack, stuffed with potato and served with mint chutney.

Although samosa considered by most of us to be traditional Indian cuisine, it goes back to the Middle East where it used classified as samosa.

Between the 13th and 14th centuries, traders from Central Asia introduced Samosa to the Indian subcontinent.


A crunchy, cold, sweet and sour blend of rice, punched onion, and potato, doused into tamarind chutney, Bhelpuri—-Bhelpuri is one of the most common all-day snack snacks in India.

Each roadside supplier covers its own variation, combines the snack on the spot and serves it in small plates of paper or with cones made of scrap paper— the puri is often used as a spoon.

Bhelpuri can come from Mumbai Beach Stalls in Maharashtra, as bhadang, a spicy western Maharashtra snack, has thought to have come from bhadang. Bhelpuriconsidered in other sections of the world to have its many variations.

Gulab Jamun

TASTE OF INDIA Opportunities For Everyone

Gulab Jamun’s name itself does some work for our taste of India buds and we immediately look forward to them. There is something that people call drops from the sky in this delicious bowl.

once you taste it, you will take him to heaven. There can only be one or two pieces if you want to meet that sweet tooth. This is a fried dish which is then plunged into a sugar syrup that is sweet to it.


We Indians love our desserts rather than love our principal food. There may not be as many good restaurants, but the amount of nice shops is enough. Either Diwali or Holi, every festival begins with a delicious dish.

Jalebi is one of our favorites, like any other dessert we have. It is the most common dessert in a halwai shop across the country on any market. Regardless of how various people prepare it, the fundamental essence remains the same.


Love, we have for rice, tasty veggies or meat, or anything you like, Biryani is a favorite of us.

Hyderabadi Biryanis the most famous main course dish in the country, in fact, originated from Hyderabad. It is a Muslim dish, served with pieces of meat. Many Muslims can be seen around Hyderabad, so it is the most popular dish in Hyderabad.

Were you aware that Indian doses listed on the 50 Delicious Foods of the World? Dosa is a crispy, flat batter, usually eaten with the coconut, tomato, and lentil-based sauces.


A simple crispy butter, Sambar, cocoa, chutney and gunpowder Chutney is usually provided in Masala dosa, and it is also a staple food of southern Indian cuisine which has a popular breakfast choice throughout the country.

Dosa is so popular in the country that many innovative foodstuffs and restaurants, such as cheese dosa and schezwan dosa.

Sambhar idli

TASTE OF INDIA Opportunities For Everyone

South India awakes in a fragrance of idlis every morning. A famous breakfast and snack, idli is an excellent cake created by steaming a fermented blend of rice and lens.

This dish is almost inseparable by the combination of sambhar and chutney. It is actually one of the healthiest Indian breakfast options and appreciated not by people living in the south, but also by people from elsewhere in the country.

Many of the country’s leading five-star hotels have buffet breakfasts with idli sambars.

Rogan josh

Reward the senses to the exquisite Kashmir delicacy. Of fennel flavors and ginger, rogan josh is a lamb curry that shows its roots in Persian cuisine and brimming with the aromas of cinnamon and cardamom.

Since rogan josh is rich in ghee and spice preparation, this is best appreciated in cold weather conditions.

Rajasthani Churma

Rajasthani food, without any reference to the famous dal baati churma is incomplete. The dish served with baatis — flaky round bread— then ghee poured over. Dal and spicy garlic chutney added to the meal.

In comparison, Churma is a tasty, sweetened blend of broken baati with a cardamom flavor. The origins of this Rajasthani three-course meal should trace back to the kingdom of Mewar with an interesting story supporting each of the three elements discovered.


Dhokla is a fully vegetarian dish made of fermented rice batter and divided chickpeas from Gujarat. It’s a very delicate and common dish in Gujarat, and they like it to be every moment of the day. It’s a snack, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a very polyvalent dish.

Why would you try these amazing dishes?

The culture taste of India carries these great dishes and in every way, we can see how rich it is. Nothing can deceive the person who tastes it, be it the ingredients or the taste of India of any of them.

In any nook and corner of the country, you will definitely find these dishes, and you can see how much the country loves them.

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