Mobile banking users in the modern world

Mobile banking users in the modern world

Mobile banking is the function that a bank or other financial institution can provide to their clients by using a mobile device like the smartphone or tablet to conduct commercial operations on a remote basis.

In contrast to the associated internet banking, the financial institution uses software that knows as an app for this purpose.

It’s open 24 hours a day. Many financial institutions have limits on the connection by mobile banking to their accounts and a cap on the sum that can exchange. It relies on the quality of a mobile device’s web or network link.

Internet banking is one of the convenient e-banking modes that caused changes in banking activities and provides customers with virtual banking facilities. In this way, via the bank’s website, customers can access their bank account details wherever they are.

Internet banking is not identical to mobile banking, which implies that banks can offer their clients a digital, web-based facility to run their bank accounts, laptop, computer, etc., with the aid of a page or mobile app.

Since the services provided by the two institutions are very close, it assumes that people are the same, though not.

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Mobile Banking  meaning

Mobile Banking can also define as a facility offered to its customers by banks to access its bank accounts and to transact on a remote basis using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or cellular devices. It can carry out via SMS, mobile web, or application. This service is available to customers everywhere and at any time.

Mobile Banking Benefits

Through mobile banking, consumers can transfer funds from their bank account to another device bank account with the help of the internet, from anywhere to anywhere.

For many mobile users in rural areas, it is accessible in an easy and convenient way with 24 hours. The comfortable and risk-free approach to mobile banking states to be greater than online banking.

By using Mobile, bankers can transfer money, pay bills, check the balance of their account, review the transaction you have made, block their ATM card, etc. Mobile banking is competitive, and banks offer this service to customers at a lower cost.

Mobile Banking cons

Online banking on all mobile devices is not open. Sometimes you will need the mobile banking functionality that can use on your iphone to download apps on your phone.

If the consumer has no device, online banking only use in a limited manner. Also, high-end phones are available for payments such as money transfers. Regular use of mobile banking may lead to extra charges for service provision by the company.

Users of mobile banking risking fake SMS messages and scams. The failure of a mobile device also helps offenders to reach the mobile banking PIN.

Internet Banking  meaning

Internet Banking can interpret as the banking system by which financial transactions do with the help of the internet. It is a revolution that does not must customers to visit a branch to carry on a single banking transaction in the age of the traditional banking system.

Online banking is an electronic payment process, which helps banks or other financial institutions ‘ clients to make a range of financial transactions through the website of a financial institution as well as internet banking and cloud banking.

Also, the online banking network links to or forms part of the central banking system of a country, and it opposes to the traditional method of banking entry. Some banks function as a “direct bank” or as a “virtual bank” that relies on Internet banking.

Internet banking technology offers personal and corporate banking services that provide functions such as monitoring the balance of balances, obtaining updates, reviewing recent transactions, or transferring money from account to pay.

Internet banking benefit

An online account is easy to open and easy to operate. It is easier to pay your bills and move your money between accounts from almost anywhere in the world.

You don’t also have to keep all your accounts receipts, as your transactions are easy to read. They are always available. You can do the work from anywhere, even in the night or on leave, whenever the bank shuts. All you need is an active internet connection:

Banks will promote their products and services by supplying them with a fantastic platform.

Internet banking cons

It may not be helpful if you have no internet connection to access online banking, so without access to the internet, it might not be useful. Payment protection is a big problem. Unauthorized persons could access your account information through the internet.

The protection of the password is a must. Adjust it and memorize it after you get the key. You might also exploit your money otherwise. Your financial data can spread on a variety of devices, which makes it more dangerous. Those could turn off, though.

Key Difference

1. Internet banking is nothing but a banking operation, carried out over the web, through the website of the relevant bank or financial institution, under a personal profile, with a personal computer.

Mobile banking is a service that allows the client to carry out banking with a wireless device. It can perform with mobile devices, i.e., tablets or smartphones. Or, one has to use tools such as computers or tablets to make an internet banking transaction.

2. Mobile banking uses Short message, mobile, or internet service. Internet Banking uses the website of the bank.

3. In mobile banking, fund transfer is possible with the help of IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer System) or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).

As against, in internet banking, funds can transfer from one bank or branch to another, with the help of NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer System) or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).

4. Although the number of activities carried out by internet banking network limits, Internet banking provides a variety of services for its clients.


Internet banking and mobile banking must provide internet connectivity, banking transactions, and a range of uses. The reach of Internet banking is higher than that of mobile banking since mobile banking is part of the former.

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